Akari Raheem is the brainchild of Lito Akari and F. Raheem.

Akari Raheem


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Lost in Variations

The upcoming album Lost in Variations is a collaboration between two old friends equipped with keys, synths, beats and one restriction: no samples.

Akari Raheem - Lost in Variations vinyl front

Everything is connected: using piano as the primary instrument, the album’s recurring themes, interpretations and variations are reminiscent of library and soundtrack music, incorporating the duo’s own touch of the current zeitgeist.

Akari Raheem - Lost in Variations vinyl back Akari Raheem - Lost in Variations vinyl label

Preorder the limited edition vinyl now and get a fine art print. Only 200 copies — all hand signed and numbered.

Akari Raheem - Lost in Variations vinyl including fine art print


Lito Akari, with roots in Istanbul and Berlin, where he is part of the Block Opera artist collective, has been successfully releasing beat-based instrumental music for some years now. Based in Stuttgart (GER), he has worked with influential artists like Dexter and Smoke Trees, to name just a few.

F. Raheem is a composer and producer of contemporary instrumental music living in Basel (CH).



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